KYE Talks with Tanya Poonawala, Founder of BoTan

Tanya Poonawala studied Marketing and Psychology during her undergraduate education, and quickly realized the depth of her passion for Psychology. She then spent two years working in an NGO called MANAV Foundation, which provides psychosocial rehabilitation, therapy and counselling for adults living with mental illness. Subsequently, she developed an interest in alternative healing and the mind-body connection. To further explore that concept, and to complement her aspiration to be a counselor, she learned how to administer Bach Flower Therapy. She learnt that this therapy resonates with her belief on addressing a person in entirety, not just their illness/difficulty. She founded BoTān where she performs Bach Flower Therapy which is a completely natural and holistic therapy involving the consumption of different flower essences to elevate wellbeing. The therapy puts emotions at the forefront, any physical malady is regarded as a manifestation of what is inside. It allows for deeper understanding of oneself, one’s emotions and circumstances, and illuminates the way forward, providing stability and clarity. Tanya also plans to pursue an MA in counselling at the end of this year, which will further help strengthen and structure her offerings as a therapist.

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