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Company Description: What if you Get a Custom Made Branded Apparel? The Custom Word itself is enough to raise a liking about the Apparel.The future of clothing will be formed by challenging convention and embracing innovation.We celebrate the principles of a truly custom made piece of clothing and embrace technology that allows us to make it available to everyone, everywhere.We believe deeply in using only the highest quality materials, with a superior look and feel, and a durability that will dramatically increase the lifespan of the product. We personalise apparel ranging from T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Tanks, T-Shirt Dresses based on customer thoughts & emotions.

Harsh Surana, one of the partners from 3 in Bazarville was interviewed by KYE. Started in 2016, while in final year in college with personalized t-shirt printing, Bazarville now deals with pocket merchandising in a personalized tissue manufacturing company. It’s central India’s first company to have direct to garment printing technology. Let’s hear from him more about Bazaraville

KYE: Why the name Bazarville, it’s a unique name?

Harsh: Yes, Bazaraville is a unique name altogether. Bazar means a price pool. We wanted to ensure that it’s n lot only ultra-luxury brand. And Ville is quality. Usually, people don’t believe in the quality if it’s at a reasonable rate. So it’s quality of ville at the prize of Bazar. That’s the idea behind Bazarville. We started in 2016 with personalized t-shirt printing. with Startup Kida in mind. We re India’s only brand started with personalization that requires one to one interaction with a customer for a personalised design.


KYE: Why?

Harsh: Passion.. People say you will need a lot of patience when going for passion. It’s true one should need patience but also fear to fail out from the society, from the idea, is the biggest challenge. And that gives you motivation in way. While looking for the idea, we observed the trend. Everybody is looking for t-shirts, so lets start with personalized t-shirt designs.


KYE: What is in this work gives you a feeling of accomplishment or kick?

Harsh: We preached this idea in our college itself to professors and received the first order from the college itself. It motivated us to do more with this idea. We kept doing this in 2017, 2018. We were the first in Central India to come up with the direct to garment printing technology. The first machine brother machine GTX installed in Mumbai with this technology. In Dec 2018 we got client like Google. We didn’t stop then. Since then we have clients like Flipkart, Amazone, Barclays in our portfolio.


KYE: What barrier you had before, you broke during your Entrepreneurship journey? 

Harsh: Well see, not everyone wanted to join 9-5 jobs after college. We started with 7-8 people initially which downsized to 3 once college finished. Convincing parents go head with the business for the first 2-3 years was a kind of struggle. It’s necessary to have success, but without hard work and patience, there’s no success. In 3 years’ time, we had to convince parents again to raise funds for machines installation. Now we think we are lucky to have parents to get funds. We are yet a bootstrap company. We haven’t raised funds from outside yet, although we are looking for it now.


KYE: What’s required for you to reach your business aspiration?

Harsh: Right now we are dealing with-

  • Bazarville Fashion
  • Bazarville Corporates
  • Bazarville Dropship
  • Bazarville Merchandise

We were working on the summer collection. But due to COVID-19 lockdown, we will be changing our marketing strategy. We are pretty much sure digital and e-commerce will boom once again. We are dealing with the launch of a few products with corporates. Hopefully, we will launch a product by the start of 2021

KYE: How this adventure has changed you?

Harsh: It changed me a lot. Getting up early was the all-time challenge. But now I think If I get the office on time then only my team will follow me. Investment in yourself is necessary, syncing with trends, technology innovation, a lot of learnings every day will be helpful. Being an engineer had no knowledge of finance, I learned it later on in the course of entrepreneurship. A running startup teaches you everything, I guess.

KYE: Your word of wisdom to new guys..

Harsh: People around really have lots of ideas. All you need is to stick to your idea, believe in that, and create a product, that’s very important. People can not simply believe in your idea. You need to create a product with your idea which you can sell it then only it makes a difference. Over time you need to make sure you are giving something to society through your idea which transformed into a product. People then will definitely accept it.


A  quick  pro info:

Associated Brands: Bazarville, The Merch Store, BeMyPillow, Urban Mela, Badge Company



Phone(s): 0755-4700864

Address: 6, Ground Floor, Ramlaxmi Parisar, Malviya Nagar, Bhopal – 462003

The sector of Industry: E-Commerce – Fashion & Clothing 

Age of business: 4 

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