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Being An Educator Is A Blessing, Sharing Edupreneur Akash Raut

“Sociopreneurs”, people who work as hard as entrepreneurs and who require the same skill sets as entrepreneurs but aren’t entrepreneurs per se. The only slight difference being that sociopreneurs create a value not necessarily in monetary terms but by bringing a change and positive impact in society.
In this interview, KYE talks to one such sociopreneur, more precisely an edupreneur as his project is in the field of education. A passionate enthusiast of teaching and learning Mr. Akash Raut. An expert in pedagogy, child psychology, training and development, counseling, life coaching, and human upliftment, he started the social project “Borderless Education”. A concept where education is not restricted within the territorial borders of a nation. Edupreneurs lead with a 21st-century education mindset and are known globally inside and outside of the classroom. Motivated, mission-driven, passionate, smart, and with the potential to create something new, edupreneurs are game-changing innovators who are bursting with education technology ideas and creativity. Thus an edupreneur is technically an entrepreneur who works in the education sector.

KYE: What was your motivation behind being an Edupreneur?
I always dreamt of becoming a TEACHER. This has been my passion, which I took forward as a profession, which has ultimately turned out to be my mission for life!

KYE: Can you brief us a bit about your social project – Borderless Education. How has this social project changed you as a person?
In 2018, I initiated the social project Borderless Education to reach out to educators and learners around the globe helping them become lifelong learners, an absolute need at present. Being associated with institutions in India and outside as a Teacher Trainer and Consultant, I was bestowed with this opportunity to reach to the needy ones. Under this project, I have run customized Professional Development workshops facilitating educators, school heads, and other stakeholders. They are with an intention to support and empower the educators which would ultimately benefit the learning community. So far I have trained more than 3000 educators in India and outside. In return, it changed my perception of myself as a contributor to the community.

KYE: What are the factors that give you a feeling of accomplishment?
Smiles on those thousands of faces I have worked with and their heartwarming testimonials is my achievement for a lifetime!

KYE: How according to you should “teaching” develop?
‘Teaching’ is not just a profession, it’s a VOCATION! Approaches to teaching can be developed when one shifts from the conventional parameters of considering teaching to merely explaining topics and concepts from the syllabus/textbook. The teacher’s role in the classroom is far beyond teaching, it includes guiding, coaching, mentoring, facilitating, supervising. Implementing these approaches in today’s scenario I believe changing the paradigm of teaching will be possible.

KYE: What were the barriers/obstacles you faced on your journey as an educator?
Lack of support and consent from co-educators in the past! This has been a major hurdle as not everyone is ready to change with times. The rigid mindset has clearly overpowered the ability to grow and empower in many co-educators I have worked with making it difficult to execute my plans.

KYE: What factors do you think will help you achieve your aspirations as an educator?
My consistency, dedication, networking, and reaching out to many more thousands of educators and students to spread the motto education seeks no borders.

KYE: How would you define Education?
Education is a process. It’s a process of change and revolution. It’s a process of understanding oneself better and getting accustomed to the time one lives in. Education is lifelong, it’s dynamic in nature. It is one’s identity. Lastly, education is not a right, neither it is a privilege. It’s a responsibility, a collective responsibility, I call it!

KYE: What are your Words-of-Wisdom and message to upcoming educators?
If you love children and you enjoy learning, education is the rightest career opportunity for you! Being an educator is a blessing which is worth asking for!

Watch his entire talk here

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