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Survive-Revive-Thrive Is The Mantra For Any Successful Business Says Mr. Bala, The Founder of YOGaNITI.  |  9820220961

Survive-Revive-Thrive is the mantra for any successful business says Mr. Bala, the founder of YOGaNITI. An IT specialist by qualification, he decided to follow his passion for yoga and started with learning yoga and its essence. He made his way up to being a Yoga instructor himself and started his own Yoga Centre.


KYE: What was your motivation for being an Entrepreneur?
Mr. Bala:
The ability to be driven by the inner call to pursue your passion. Converting your passion to profession.

KYE: What are the factors that give you a sense of accomplishment?
Mr. Bala:
Tangible difference to Yoga practisers.
Helping everyone on their wellness journey.
Being a major influencer impacting a yoga practitioner’s physical, emotional, and mental wellness.

KYE: What were the Barriers/Obstacles you faced on your entrepreneurial journey?
Mr. Bala:
Not much, very smooth journey.
Some initial self-doubts and the ability to have so many sessions in a day.

KYE: What are the factors that you think will help you achieve your business aspirations?
Mr. Bala:
Started with 2 students and now have close to 20++ students.
What helped was immense faith and the ability to just start.

KYE: How has this venture changed you?
Mr. Bala:
The COVID times and the present pressing need to address the anxiety issues helped.
It helped me connect to my inner self.
It has made me a more responsive person.
Helped my self-confidence a big boost.
Ability to retain your CALM and help become a better person.

KYE: What are your Words-of-Wisdom for the budding entrepreneurs?
Mr. Bala:
If you are CONVINCED that you can MAKE a difference, JUST DIVE IN DEEP with your IDEA.
Follow the mantra:
Survive– Be strong on the basics and ethics.
Revive– Dormant Talents- All connections and networks.
Thrive– Persistence-Patience-Perseverance will help you reach your goal.

Watch the entire talk here-

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