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Making Your Hobby Your Passion With Nabila



Mother of two lovely kids, too many she is also the one significant person that plays a huge part in the lives of their kids, who they may consider the second mom to their children, she’s a teacher and exceptionally good at what she does. Nabila Malim is the founder of The Learning/Hobby Centre, a center of our dreams! It’s not just about regular learning its equally about pursuing your hobbies! Belly-Dancing, candle-making, flower-making, soap-making, jewelry-making, craft, painting, quilting, embroidery, and what not! Read her exclusive interview with KYE here:


KYE: What was your motivation behind being an Entrepreneur?
Nabila: The
dream of having my own home/car/business was lingering inside me all through my teenage and then it went into hibernation when I got married because I so wanted home, family, kitchen, and lots of babies to share that home with and cook for my family. Alhamdulillaah, I had 2 beautiful baby boys back to back and it was a very demanding phase of my life but I totally loved being a mom! I was elated to be focused on them despite other personal struggles that come along with marriage. And then a temporary home setting turned into a divorce when I least expected it! So that was my main push to do something bigger workwise than I had until then.
I had to face a lot of challenges not meant for that particular time and age at literally every stage of my life. That’s how I learned to simply ENJOY life irrespective of what is happening alongside. And for this I’m inexplicably grateful.

KYE: How do you manage two entrepreneurship together, being a mother, and being a businesswoman?
Ohhh that’s the toughest but most satisfying and rewarding balance to strike – making sure you work well and your children are being raised well bot. Both my children were very young so I had to restrict work time such that they are at school or occupied along with being in a safe zone. I was strict with clients for timings, meal times, and gradually I kept work off weekends. I also had to prefer to work from home options to be able to supervise them at all times. Honestly, I always prioritized my children and their needs, their wishes expectations, and plans with me. And I don’t regret it at all! They learned to be independent meanwhile too…that’s the most amazing achievement as a mother when your children learn to follow instructions, do small (or big things for their age) under your guidance, care, and learn to think for themselves. Having a mother always around in person is not the best thing for a growing child. I am certain about it now.

KYE: What are the factors that give you a feeling of accomplishment?
Well the factors would most definitely be..
The flexibility, self-answerability, liberty, responsibility, ownership, and the independence that my business gives me since I have no team and I’m the sole service delivery person.
The zeal and satisfaction of meeting and interacting with new people all the time in my work area are unbeatable. Making new friends, hearing peoples’ life journey narratives, seeing a part of their souls in their eyes as they begin to trust and express during the learning process
Income generation
An active lifestyle and wholesome wellness

KYE: What were the barriers/obstacles you faced in this entrepreneurial journey?
There were several!
The entire journey was very gradual and seems predestined now.
So I started teaching at a very young age…a skill recognized and encouraged by one of the most charismatic teachers I had, Mr. Nandkumar. I was 16 years old, had just appeared for my 10th standard boards and he suggested I should take up some students he thought needed a young friendly tutor like me to reinstate their interest and confidence. He gave me my first student, Alifiya, and also taught me how to quote fees and literally push me to be able to ask for money which was is an integral part of my being that I struggle with to date. I kept teaching part-time with pursuing my education..all up to masters……building on experience, establishing productive methods, learning to troubleshoot with versatility and the best part making friends out of students and their families all along! The Patrawala family being the dearest to me they treated me nothing less than a family member.
By the time I was in the final year of my post-grad, I was considering if Ph.D. and research would be a good option for me but I didn’t see that coming from within because I was exhausted by the running around and limited income so didn’t have the patience to pursue that further. A company named CACTUS was to come over for an on-campus recruitment drive. I thought doing a job was the better option for me because our family business had fallen apart when I was in school and the need for money became paramount as compared to my love for education. It was a very difficult phase but was pivotal in developing humility in me. So I was blessed to be selected before my final exams were even cleared. I thought wow…what else could have I asked for! And I loved the kind of work the company does. It totally suited the grammar nazi teacher and science nerd in me! The place was very sociable and friendly too but then I learned of other aspects of my personality which did not coerce with the unavoidable expectations of that job full time. So I quit amicably and continued with the teaching. However, the wish to join an organization too keeps coming back every now and then, considering I enjoy change and I’m a true ambivert. Fortunately, I find that in my current work-life too.

KYE: What are the factors that you think will help you achieve your business aspirations?
Let me think.. there are many factors that will help me achieve my business aspirations..
More free time slots as my children grow
Better advertisement and up-gradation of my courses
More demand and readiness in customers to invest in alternative vocational courses, and learning is forgotten or artistic skill development
A dedicated space or studio although it is own limitations
A franchise if I could do it on such a large scale
A team to mobilize my courses further which I’m working on

KYE: How has this venture changed you as a person?
From where I started, there have been various changes in my life that’s for sure!
Gave me a healthy and productive distraction at the time of utmost stress that could have traumatized me
Made me financially independent and helped me stabilize my life
Allows me to merge happiness and work
Brings new challenges and opportunities to work with altered requests from clients to provide them with custom-made services

KYE: What are the Words-of-Wisdom and your message to the budding entrepreneurs and potential mompreneurs out there?
Just a few, but important ones..
Never doubt the process of Growth and the Almighty’s plan for you.
Dare to Dream, Hope, Fall, Stand up again, Learn, and Achieve.

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Written by KYE

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