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Always have the Presence of Mind to Jump Off When The Boat is Sinking- Jonah, SteamPress Founder

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Many people love their shoes, bags and helmets.. a lot of people also take good care of them.. but having someone especially take care of these items may have been a dream come true for most.. this young entrepreneur founded SteamPress, a venture which provides laundry services exclusively for shoes, bags and helmets. Jonah Joseph never wanted to be stuck in the 9-5 regime, he always wanted to do something different. One fine Sunday, during service at the church he was enlightened with the idea of starting SteamPress, a unique service provider.

KYE: What was your motivation behind becoming an Entrepreneur?
Before being an entrepreneur- it was freedom, having the freedom to create something that you personally think could standout and create value for the end user is the something that got me into his journey at a very young age. After being an entrepreneur it’s just my willingness to succeed in any given circumstances and create a brand that I could be very proud of.

KYE: What are the factors that give you a feeling of accomplishment?
In the early years setting up SteamPress as a business to generate profit and knowing where we wanted to position the brand was a really painstaking task and a bunch of hard decisions. But every step we took in the right direction always gives me a immense happiness.

KYE: What were the Barriers/Obstacles you faced prior to getting onto the entrepreneurial journey?
Nothing, I guess life was much simplified before. Barriers/Obstacles started after the company started operating, everything that we thought could go wrong was going wrong. But It was a good learning curve it made us individually prepared to take on any obstacles that would come our way. Even during the COVID times.

KYE: What are the factors that you think will help you achieve your business aspirations?
Knowing what you want and knowing what the business aim for, is very important. Usually we forget our personal goal – So I constantly self-excess to see If things are going fine in the direction we aimed for as a company and also personally. The other thing is improvement, I’m constantly improving a lot of things in the company, it may be the website, the way the customer interacts with the business. Which leads us to the third factor is data, to make a decision backed up with the perfect data gives you the confidence and at SteamPress we are constantly collecting such data to improve at every stage.

KYE: How has this venture changed you as a person?
Well its given me the patience to work towards something long term and still giving it my best every day. Things like detailing, consistency were never a part of me before. I was more like a lets get the work done. Now I’m more like: Lets get the work done right with the result in mind.

KYE: What are the Words-of-Wisdom you would like to share with the budding entrepreneurs?
Always have the presence of mind to jump off when the boat is sinking.

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