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Mompreneur Raina Khatri Tandon Shares Her Secret of Playing Multiple Roles Gracefully.

Raina Khatri Tandon, founder of RIGHT2RISE, an RKT foundation, India’s No. 1 comprehensive POSH/ POSCO specialist. Human Rights and stress solution provider into training certifications, compliance, and auditing. Raina is also closely associated with various NGOs across India. She is a breakthrough coach, a 2 times TEDx speaker as well as a speaker at various global conferences for women in leadership and gender equality. She firmly believes that leadership is not about doing but about being there for others, hear them out, and to inspire them on their life’s purpose. Raina is a mentor having influenced 21,000 lives in the last 18 years. She is a brand ambassador as well as a goodwill ambassador. She is also the recipient of many prestigious awards such as the Young Entrepreneurs Award, the Naari Shakti Award and the Global Dignitary Award, and many more. And the best of all her achievements, she is a MOM, the superwomen we all look up to. KYE posses immense pleasure to unfold the journey of this Mompreneur who plays multiple roles in life.

Raina’s journey in her own words…


I have someone who has a background in IT. I have been into it for some years now. I have traversed from designing chips to designing lives. It’s been a long journey. Everybody feels that you know, you are meant to do much more than 9-5 and sometimes you’re bogged down by challenges sometimes you’re bogged down by family commitment, sometimes you’re occupied with other things in life and you just want to find the right moment.
Then there comes a moment when you feel ‘Now I need something for my own growth, I need something to believe that I’m made for something else higher and better in life, and maybe you call it the purpose. Coming to the same fact that entrepreneurship has always been in my family background, from my maternal side. It’s just that I ended up wanting to do something more creative and something more Innovative into AI technology chip design. And then I said, yes, maybe I would want to explore that. Going forth I saw the same entrepreneurship skills coming back to me and giving me a sense of satisfaction that this is what I really want to do and I’m meant to do.
Touching lives, creating miracles, making people smile, and at the same time growing business and trying to create an ecosystem for people and for self. Right2rise happened about a year back where we feel that I have spent a long time about 20 years of experience and in course of time as I’ve worked into IP, business development, HR, and various other sectors of the Industry and finally into law and legalities.
I started my journey into becoming a counselor, a breakthrough coach, a mentor. And as I was exploring I pondered upon POSH and POSCO and I found that greatly connecting with me wanting to add value to people’s lives and trying to get justice, equality and respect. Every individual woman, all she requires to start her journey is some self-satisfaction of work, the growth pattern she’s looking at, and not always is it the money. She’s looking at some kind of better version of herself to keep us self-motivated. Sometimes also being your own boss enables you to fulfill your dreams. All these things are the elements that activate a woman and make her want to be more fulfilling, more growing and the feedback that she gets from people always takes her to the next stage of her growth. Right2rise is a venture which believes that every person may it be a woman, man, children, an organization, an educational institution, NGOs, or individuals who come to us have a right to rise. The means are through POSH or POSCO or several other ways.

KYE: How do you manage being a mother of two kids, and an entrepreneur?
We all are great working professionals, we manage everything very beautifully and at this moment we have gone through all the ups and down and we’ve come to this stage where we can say yes we’re successful. But success does not come easy. Success requires a lot of sacrifices, a lot of patience, a lot of growth and a lot of priorities that need to be sorted out. I feel the existence of the Work-Life-Balance is a myth. Sadly it does not exist, it needs to be created. There is no secret to getting anything quickly, there will always be sacrifices. Everyone in your surrounding should know you have certain goals you have set for yourself and you need to achieve them. You need to inform your husband, your kids, your in-laws that
you wish to start your business and you require them to prioritize and organize themselves and they will tell how they can help you with it. That will create a system that is supportive, persistent, caring, and gratifying. Small efforts need to be appreciated, that’s how you create a healthy and supportive environment around you.

KYE: What was the motivation behind starting this venture?
The impact that I create in a person’s life is what motivates me. If I’m actually going and saving a life, if I’m actually helping stop harassment or bullying, if I’m actually helping a lady fight some kind of sexual assault, if I’m helping people become better versions of themselves, etc everything I do motivates me. The apprehension of being my own boss and being a better version of myself motivates me. Also, you become independent, you don’t depend on anyone financially. The best part is I can work on what I love. No one can deny that eventually it all boils down to money and being an entrepreneur lets you decide for
yourself how you can widen your horizon and make more of it.

KYE: What gives you a sense of accomplishment?
It is very important, the sense of accomplishment. If you don’t get it you have to buck yourself up every morning and get to work. If you’re dead passionate about what you do, it will really really give you a sense of accomplishment. It is important to do everything with complete conviction no matter what it is you’re doing. The impact I create is motivation for me. It is important that you believe in yourself and your growth. The journey of every entrepreneur is a looooooong one, but slowly and steadily you get there.

KYE: What were the obstacles you faced as a mom who is also an entrepreneur?
Whenever you start something new there will always be people who will stop you and ask you why do you want to do this? You already have everything why do you need to start a business for yourself? There are many people who will try to pull you back but you have to tell them you want to do this and ask them to believe in you and give you time to prove yourself. If you don’t have a strategy, a plan, or a system in place it will not last for long. What are the kind of people you want to work with matters as well? A lot of people will want to come and work with you. Another thing is everyone is always looking for resources
that will help in the progress of the venture over time. Everything falls into place as you overcome these barriers.

KYE: At this moment, what is required of you to reach your business aspirations?
I follow truthfulness, no matter what you do you shouldn’t do something unethical and should always follow certain values and ethics. Jump in only after conducting market analysis, there is no hurry or no success is going to come any sooner. Success is a relationship, its not a one-time transaction. If you want people to value you and do business with you and grow on a long scale you need to value the relationship. Practice, Patience, and perseverance are the three keywords. It is also important to keep up with the times, keep challenging yourself to embrace progressive times. Go digital when needed. Indulge in robotics if the time calls for it. And mainly love yourself, give yourself time to succeed.

KYE: How has this venture changed you?
Right2rise was started with a lot of thought and several mentors. The main intent was to touch people’s lives and help them rise. I learned how to connect with people and value them. It has made me humble as a leader. I want the people who get associated with us to remember us for how we have impacted their lives.

KYE: What are the words of wisdom you’d like to give to the mompreneurs or the budding entrepreneurs?
One important thing is to be grounded and humble. Always help raise other people high before you raise yourself. Whatever you learn go ahead and share it with people, don’t keep it to yourself because the more you give out to people the more you learn. The more you give the more people give you back, in terms of experiences and growth. People buy people, not commodities so if you’re being an entrepreneur the kind of experience you give to your customer will decide how well you succeed. The mark that you leave will allow your business to grow. There is only one boss and that is the customer. Another important point is to be a leader in your life always walk behind the people not in front of them. Dream big and learn it, you will make it happen.

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