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Sajan Zacharias is the founder of ZAC Coaching

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Retd. Flight Lieutenant Sajan Zacharias is the founder of ZAC Coaching, a leadership coaching center that helps the leaders develop an organisational culture within their company thus boosting their organizational performance. We at KYE had a chance to interview enthusiastic Mr. Sajan Zacharias and et to know his Journey so far.


KYE: Please tell us what ZAC Coaching?
I’m an executive coach which means I work with Leaders, CEOs, Stake Holders. I help them to identify blind spots, issues in their organizations and build individuals and teams who will thrive through performance in good times and bad times. In many organizations people don’t leave the company itself, people don’t leave the organization what happens is people leave people. And it all boils down to one single thing that is people’s behaviors. People’s behavior is what’s driving organizational culture and any performance when we discuss it boils down to people’s behaviors. So, if the people’s behaviors are helped to change the organizational culture could be changed. All of my fellow coaches say that culture is the soul of an organization whoever controls the soul controls the body, which is the organization. And based on a research done by a well-known it is proven that if someone can focus on organizational culture, the single most important factor, it can help drive the organizational performance up to 85% more. If organizational performance is brought under analysis, the organizational culture forms an important factor along with some other factors. There’s plenty of scope in the field of helping leaders get their behaviors right. When we say behavior, there’s a global framework and global models that are proven by many successful leaders in the past years. I do an assessment of people to understand where do they stand and we help the leaders to understand what their strengths are and what are the areas for development, they select one of the areas to get better, they pick up a group of stakeholders and then the program starts. Every leader works on one or two behaviors and three months down the line the progress of the program is checked by the stakeholders around the leaders and they let us know whether the leader is getting better or not. Many times most of the organizations are looking for some kind of returns on investments and when we think of training its intangible, we cannot measure that. The effectiveness of the program is not measured or learned by the participants but is measured by the stakeholders around the leader. So that makes this program very unique and different from many other programs.

KYE: Why did you choose this field of conducting programs and educating leaders about people’s behavior lie you said?
I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, someone who doesn’t compulsorily work a 9-5 job and has the freedom financially and even in work-life. Also, I feel that with the training I can help a lot more people become successful in their lives. I help people become the person who they really want to become in their life. I found I could resonate more with my values if I become an entrepreneur.

KYE: What gives you a feeling of accomplishment?
The fact that I could connect to a lot of people around the world and help them become a person they really want to be in their life along with their career, or work-life, personal-life that gives me a lot of satisfaction. And I feel that once the pay is good it really makes a positive difference on the people around us.

KYE: What were the barriers or obstacles you faced while starting this venture?
The mental-block was like when I become an entrepreneur how I will leave the security mindset that having a job provides. I could work in a company and get paid which in some kind had an appeal in the form of security and then when I thought of shifting and doing something on my own like moving out of my comfort zone, I realized there is no growth in the comfort zone. So we don’t take the risk that’s one issue, the other problem is that we don’t try something new, we refuse to step out of our comfort zone. We don’t know our capabilities and what are we truly capable of. At the end of the day sometimes you need to stop and ask what options have you tried. How do you know what is there you can do in your life? So obviously there are barriers and on the other hand, there are possibilities and potential which was also the goal which was driving me ahead.

KYE: How long have you been in this profession?
Yeah, I left my full-time job sometime in 2007, and thereafter I conducted a lot of training and events in African n Middle East countries and sent 20+ training models in countries worldwide. It’s been 13 years now.

KYE: At this point, what is required for you to achieve your business aspirations?
That’s a good question. I think the business aspiration at this point of time is how can I touch about 1000 lives to start with, and help them to be successful through this platform. I work on long-term programs. So currently that is the thought process.

KYE: Considering the current pandemic, are you conducting training online?
Yes, I am currently doing everything online and in fact the kind of service I provide, I think, it has become very important at this point in time. Why? Because people are going through what we call this pandemic. The mind-set actually determines how you’re going to face a problem. A lot of people sometimes give up and only some people are able to move forward. The truth is that an obstacle will determine who you’re going to be in life, this is the time they really need to bounce back through what we call re-arrange and re-brand themselves. Some may ask what an Emotional Intelligence Coach is. I cannot over-emphasis the importance of people really managing emotions. We come across various emotions every day when we face these kinds of uncertainties. But then how can we overcome these kinds of emotions? How can we clear it around? That needs what we call a resilient attitude.

KYE: How has this venture changed you as a person?
As a coach, I talk to many people, rather many successful people across the world. It’s also interesting to listen to people and how they view different events in their lives. Understanding the different mind-sets is like a constant learning process for me as well as coaches who come into my engagement.

KYE: What are your words of wisdom for the budding entrepreneurs?
That’s another great question I think. Based on my experience every entrepreneur dreams and has aspirations but at the same time, it’s very important for each person to take the right steps in the right direction. The purpose is actually to make a positive difference. It gives a larger purpose to serve other people to succeed. The other aspect that comes into my attention is the way we deal with our failures and success. Every set-back has a learning curve, therefore there is nothing such as failures.

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