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A trendsetter in the field social media promotion- Ms. Payal Pokarna, founder of Socialdotcom

Hailing from Mumbai, this woman has made a mark across the globe with her interesting PR strategies and a never-failing positive attitude.
Ms. Payal Pokarna, founder of which is a business marketing and PR company which is working since the past one and a half year. Based in Mumbai, but working all across the globe. She hosts live experience-sharing sessions with people from various fields which include technology, doctors, artists, celebrities, entrepreneurs, etc the list goes on. Read about her venture straight from Payal..

Socialdotcom is a business marketing and PR company where we handle start-ups and set-up brands, their digital marketing, and complete Public Relationship. I am a Mumbai based company my work experience is 1 and a half years. I was working for one company where I was working as a Project director and I have done marketing for woman entrepreneurs and then I thought of starting my own company because I know n everyone is not that tech-savvy. The entrepreneurs which I used to promote often struggled with problems such as logo- creation, graphic-creation, how to handle our social media handles. That is how came into my mind thinking about why not help solve all these problems. I started this company 1 and a half years back. was launched by Shaina NC, I walked the ramp for her and AbuJani Khosla. That was a boost for me as a beginner, when you have such a big start you feel much motivated to work hard and make your place in the market. When I was thinking of a name I thought since I am a very social person, a people’s person, and as the mission of my company is to boost my client’s business digitally via promotions, networking, marketing, etc on social media platforms, therefore, the name felt like the most suitable option.

KYE: What was the motivation behind beginning
I wanted to work and I wanted to give brand visibility to as many brands as I can. Most of the time I work on small business segments. Whenever I succeed in promoting an entrepreneur who belongs to the small-business quotient, I feel more motivated to go on and help other such entrepreneurs. That is the kind of motivation that always puts me on a roll. Even now during the lockdown, my work is still as rigorous as before. I don’t only look for paid opportunities, but I also help people out with reviews, story-promotions or shoutouts on social media platforms that may help boost their work. My team and I are always on our toes completing our daily work-goals. People can dm me and my team on any platform, we are very approachable.

KYE: What gives you a sense of accomplishment?
When I worked for some companies and was successful in getting them 5 – 6 thousand followers within a month or two that was like a kick for me. One of my clients has a far reach with a big-shot International industry and I have managed many influencers and bloggers across India for them. I feel such support gives you confidence when you work nationally and internationally for clients and help them achieve their goals. I’ve done more than 85 live sessions as of now. When I did my first session it was just for fun and learning but over time I have connected with many people who are doing really good in their field so when they talk about their work and their achievements, that gives me a sense of accomplishment. It makes me feel I want to bring more people into my network and help them achieve their goals. Also, whenever I get new clients, new work, and new challenges it gives me a kick, knowing that I have to come up with new strategies to overcome these challenges always gets me going. Along with traditional PR such as print media and digital interviews my company also helps with Modern PR which is my USP. I do a lot of on-field work such as organizing curative events for jewelers or fashion designers, promoting exhibitions all over Mumbai. I do a lot of field activities and offline PR for my clients. I maintain complete PR for my clients, so that is my USP.

KYE: What were the obstacles, you faced as a new entrepreneur?
Frankly speaking, I never had big obstacles because since the beginning my target clientele was small-businesses. I didn’t go for businesses that were aiming for really high results in very little time. I always looked for clients who’d want to progress gradually step-by-step. I always made sure I work with utmost honesty and authenticity, which has proven to be a key to the success of my venture. However, sometimes the language was a barrier, sometimes my shy personality would get in the way while asking celebs to come to talk on my sessions. I often hesitate while asking for a favor from the people I know to get me contacts of celebs or anyone Id like to connect with. I also hesitate in asking my clients for their pending fees. So these kinds of small barriers were always there for me otherwise I believe if you do your work with honesty and dedication, I don’t feel any obstacle can be big enough to prevent you from going on.

KYE: At this point, what according to you is needed of you to reach your business goals or
business aspirations?
Having started just a year and a half back, as a new entrepreneur I have learned a lot of things. Every day I learn something new, may it be with small-businesses or big ones or even HNI. Every day is a new challenge. Since I am in marketing I have seen there can be many ups and downs as an entrepreneur. I am glad to have made my name as an entrepreneur and having so many people know me. There are so many people out there who are doing so well in their particular fields, their stories their journeys are a source of inspiration for me. I’m always looking forward to reaching the next step in my journey towards success.

KYE: How has your venture changed you as a person?
I’ve become very calm and composed. I’ve become more focused. As I need to take care of my clients and my team, my management-skills have really improved over the span of a year and a half. I feel I’ve become more patient as a person. Being into marketing I always have to keep myself well-motivated. Mainly, I’ve become more innovative because of Finding out new ways of providing maximum visibility to my clients to help grow their business. Finding new platforms or innovations to promote the business of my clients. I try to grow as a person while is growing as a venture.

KYE: What are the words of wisdom you’d like to give to the budding entrepreneurs?
Continue to work, no matter the hardships. Consistency is the key. Be authentic. In the context of social media platforms, this is the best time to connect more with your followers and supporters. One very important thing I have learned from my experience is that there is always a particular skill in a person that he/she is the best at, therefore he/she must invest more time in improving that one particular skill by polishing it and practicing it. I suggest even during this lockdown people facing downfalls in their businesses should start interacting more with their followers, supporters, customers, etc. This is the time to improve your PR skills. What is visible is saleable. Be positive and keep going.

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