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Passion and Fire are keywords for Succesful Entrepreneur- Mr. Vishal Gupta from Ajeevi Technology

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A technology-based venture that comes up with long-lasting technological solutions to help make life easier for everyone.
Mr. Vishal Gupta, the founder of Ajeevi Technology Pvt. Ltd., a company that provides IoT Internet of Things or Smart solutions. It was started 3 years ago and has achieved great success by developing smart solutions for diverse sectors starting from logistics of water to its waste management and more. Mr. Vishal is also working with many governments for smart city projects.
The concept of our venture is primarily to make human life simpler. In the day to day life the activities that we all perform like needing water to start our day, needing transport to go to our offices or schools, needing proper education, good infrastructure in colleges and offices, likewise the safety and security in the offices and also the healthcare sector. How can human life be made much simpler is what IOT provides solutions with? Data, which is the bandwidth or one can say the fuel for digital functioning in today’s era, previously such data was recorded with the help of human beings but now such data will be recorded by the IoT devices, Basically, the work of humans is taken over by small devices which collects the data, analyze it and make life simpler and easier for humans. Team KYE is privileged to interview Mr. Vishal Gupta to get his insights on IoT.


KYE: How did you come up with such a new and unique name i.e. Ajeevi?
Mr. Gupta:
Our concept was primarily to provide sustainable solutions that are long-lasting. Since we are a Make In India company, our mission is to do something for the people of our country with the help of technology and to reduce the dependency on other countries for import and supply of technologies. We started manufacturing all those technological solutions in our own country and started providing long-lasting solutions. The simple thought of providing long-lasting sustainable solutions is how the name Ajeevi came by. Ajeevi, in the Hindi language, means one with a long life. The solutions that we provide are long-living, also if we make your life easy than your life becomes long.

KYE: What was the motivation behind starting this venture?
Mr. Gupta:
The motivations behind my venture is that I want to do something for my country. I spent 16 years working in the sector of Technology, now I feel its time to give back to my country. I wanted to utilize the knowledge I gained from my work to help provide employment to the people of the country in my organization so that I can share that knowledge and together we can grow and help our country grow. Even though I can’t go on the border to fight for my Nation, I can help my Nation grow through is.

KYE: What in this field gives you a sense of accomplishment?
Mr. Gupta:
I derive a sense of accomplishment from my fellow citizens. The ultimate users of my technology are my fellow citizens. Whenever I get feedback from them that my technology is helping make their lives simpler, that makes me feel I’ve succeeded in accomplishing something great. A simple example could be disposing waste out of your house, you do that on a daily basis, however, what would you do if the garbage-collectors don’t come to your house over a period of some days, that would leave you worried about what do you do about it? You’ll try to make a call to the govt. officials in charge of your areas waste-disposal, right? To help with this we created a small simpler technology that will help the govt. as well as the citizens. The Govt. officials are happy as they instantly have the schedules as to what time the waste will be picked up from what houses in what area, and the citizens are happy as they can rest assured that the garbage- collectors will come to their house and collect the waste daily without fail. We have implemented this technology in entire cities of Jabalpur, Imphal, Telegaviv, New Delhi Municipal Corp, Faridabad, and a lot many other cities will be getting it soon. Similarly, talking about Transport, people want to know what bus will reach which station at what time or how long the journey will take, all the answers in a simple technology. The automation of all the buses has been done in the cities of Telgaviv, Delhi, etc. A person would obviously prefer to travel on a bus having a valid permit over one which doesn’t. My technology solution can provide the ability to prevent the bus that doesn’t have a valid permit to even come on the road. This way my technology is making peoples’ lives longer since they’d be traveling in a safe bus over one which is not and the people will be aware of it beforehand, that is how we make life simpler and easier for everyone. Therefore, connected infrastructure is the point, it means we provide solutions in the domains of waste, water, transport, energy, education, healthcare by connecting the stakeholders to the people responsible for the work.

KYE: What are the barriers or the challenges that you faced as a new entrepreneur?
Mr. Gupta:
There always are challenges but what I feel is passion and fire are the two key qualities one must possess. If you have the two you can achieve any target and overcome the many challenges you will face. One needs to persistently continue to work to achieve ones goal and God is always there to show us the way.

KYE: What do you think is required of you to reach your business goals?
Mr. Gupta:
Our business goals are really moving towards more and more success and working towards more for Indian citizens. As we have brought in all these technological solutions in India and we have proven ourselves, now we want the global citizens also to get the advantages of these kinds of solutions and we are also in the process of entering into new ventures with global companies.

KYE: How do you think this Venture has changed you as a person?
Mr. Gupta:
The venture, I feel, when a person starts a new venture it brings confidence in you. Also when you do something for your country and helping provide employment for the people of your own country, it brings a different sense of satisfaction and confidence. Since I have learned Technology only for 15-20 years, so it’s the key ingredient I can contribute towards my country’s growth.

KYE: Has the current Pandemic impacted your venture in any way?
Mr. Gupta:
It surely has, but again every pandemic comes up with certain opportunities also so one must be positive and always try to find opportunities in the negative scenarios.

KYE: What are the words of wisdom you’d like to share with the budding entrepreneurs?
Mr. Gupta:
Passion and Fire, two keywords to become successful entrepreneurs. When you try to do something different then there are a lot of challenges you will face but you must stick to your goal. I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs who start later in life, they start like a rocket but they lose sight of their goals due to the challenges, they can’t adapt more and don’t go so far and eventually fail but only those who face the challenges succeed. I am personally there to help the new entrepreneurs who may need any sort of help where my guidance can help them, they can surely come to me. I am there to help them in the best ways as Ajeevi can do.

Quick Pro Info- 

Name: Ajeevi Technology Pvt. Ltd

Industry: IoT, Information Technology 


Impact on sectors: Education, Transport, Healthcare, Governance

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