A housewife turned author/entrepreneur.

As a housewife coming from a conservative family, it can be really difficult to get into a business or a career, so I had to choose a career wherein I could stay at home and work. Staying at home and
making a career I thought writing is the best possible choice I had. As a writer, I always wanted to
write stories, impress people, and let them know what things are around them which they wouldn’t
know otherwise. I always wanted to touch people through my writing and that is how I became an author.

KYE presents the journey of Sonam Keswani, an author who won hearts by her words and set an example for all the homemakers out there

KYE: What is your why? Why have you chosen to become an author?
Being an author and writing a book is not a very easy thing, it takes you 6 months to a year
till you have that flexibility and the freedom to get into that zone to think about that one particular
thing,. It’s fun to create a story to write and to write your thoughts such as what you think or what you feel about it. It’s a way of venting out frustration. Books are something, I feel, make a difference. Books are something that has always been close to my heart. As a kid we’d have limited channels, I remember my mom giving me Panchatantra, Tinkle Digest, etc. That time we didn’t have as much social media access as kids do now, so attachment towards books is something my generation people will definitely understand.

KYE: What gives you a sense of achievement?
Firstly, touching someone’s life. When you’re done reading and close the book you’re not the same person. When people come and tell me they really enjoyed reading my book and that they
completely felt transferred into the story of the book playing the characters of my story, and many
such things that make me feel motivated.

KYE: What were the barriers you faced as a new author? Or the challenges you faced as a new
Many! Too many! First was completing the book, of course; then finding Publishers; then
Marketing is always a challenge; then displaying it out in the market; then sometimes there is
societal pressure or family pressure. There are a lot of challenges. Everybody has their own journey, its never really one particular journey or one particular obstacle. Many challenges came my way and God helped me get where I am.

KYE: What is required of you to reach your business aspiration?
I would say good marketing skills because the writing part is done. I’ve written the book I’ve
done my best but marketing is something which will help me take place in the eyes of the readers out there. In today’s world what people can see that people can buy, something hidden deep inside the cupboard cannot be sold. Marketing is something I’m really looking forward to. It is one thing I think everybody should know, ie., how to sell your books or their products. Some novels I have written are I hate you for loving me so much, Love tonic, _ and now I’m working on one of the old pitches which has been accepted by the US _ and I hope to see it in. The international market soon. I’m very excited about it. My books are available on Amazon. The stories I’ve written till now revolve around love stories. I feel everybody has that one love story hidden in their heart. Love stories have always been close to my heart when I was writing the love stories I was in my early 20’s. Now I’m 31 and have evolved as a better person, I wanna write spiritual books that have meaning that’s why I changed my genre. I don’t wanna stick to any one genre, I want to write what I feel.

KYE: Has your venture changed you as a person? How?
Definitely it has. I have changed and evolved for the better. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but whenever you’re reading a book there’s a shift from the first chapter to the last chapter, the author has brought himself in the process of writing. Whatever work you’re doing you’re evolving yourself. People around you will always notice. I believe Every book changes you a little, everyday changes you a little.

KYE: As an author, the challenges you may face can be a lot, what would you say about that?
I think being a mom and managing a home, it can prove to be a major challenge. When you
have to make the school projects, pick up and drop things and so many other chores. Managing all that taking time out and sitting up late nights, basically compromising your “me” time!

KYE: Any message you would like to give to upcoming entrepreneurs?
Be consistent. Often what happens is you pick up one thing, work on it for a while and then
drop it. A friend of mine started a clothing line, he did it for a few months, he invested his money but later he wasn’t as enthusiastic about it and then he withdrew. The same goes for writing or anything in general, any career which you’re taking up you have to be consistent, you have to be patient, you have to wait and watch, you have to be prepared for the responses. No matter if the response is positive or negative, continue to work consistently. One thing I have noticed is anyone who is consistent with their work, at some of the other points they will definitely succeed. Sometimes people tend to be confused, what they should do is trust their gut feeling, ask yourself what is your calling, and if you’re really inclined to that make sure to be consistent. My first book was so challenging that I was this close to giving up. But I didn’t, I continued to be consistent and it got me here.


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Written by KYE

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