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Took 70 k Loan from my mom to take one projector for Demo and started my entrepreneurship journey, For Me Struggle is a part of Motivation says My Venus Joy of Projection World, learning was an integral part before the launch of the business, I had almost 10 years of experience before starting Projections World before for me understanding the nuances of my business, It was very important as I am still the only Entrepreneur in my entire family and opposition was a daily routine on my initial days. Mr. Venus Joy from Projection World shares his entrepreneurship Journey With KYE Team.

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We create Experiences in the World of Audio-Video Solutions
We are into:
(1) Digital Classroom Solutions,
(2) Auditorium Set up,
(3) Audio-Video Conferencing solutions,
(4) Interactive Training / Conference room set up,
(5) Home cinema solution & Home Automation
(6) pipe Music & Public Addressing system for School / Collages, Retail Malls, Joggers park,
(7) Digital Signage Solutions.
(8) Trading of Projector, Screen, Accessories & Sounds System,
We work with a motto of giving an experience that makes a difference. We are basically into providing complete solutions for your audio video requirement. It can be converting your home into a smart home. Useful for office use, educational, hotels and pubs, events, conference room, etc.
Also, there is a myth in society that big screens are only for high class and others can’t afford it and so they end up buying solutions much costlier than a projector. Also Many don’t know Projector can be used as a television, we can connect our set-top box. It is also because there is not much awareness related to projector usage. My aim is to help the people understand n spend their money wisely on better products

Why compromise on a small screen when you can have a theater experience at your home sweet home that too in a budget-friendly cost along with your loved n near ones.
Our USP is that we don’t sell box units neither are we promoting any specific brand. We only promote the brands that give onsite service and their after-sale support. We usually take appointments for a demo of the product and at the same time site survey is done to confirm whether it will suit the site. We provide products as per there solution, also keeping in mind the client’s budget.

KYE: What is your why?
I hail from middle-class society. In my childhood days, we used to visit our aunt’s home, her husband was working abroad and they had big Sound systems and TV. It was always told to us not to touch or operate it as it is costly. Then on I had a craze to go through the user manual of every electronic product to understand it’s functioning. My parents didn’t want me to get into the business. It was said if you want to do business get married and then start. I was working in the service industry for 10 years and I took up many profiles in the company. But thinking started to bother me that when I could bring so much of business to my working company and was on a fixed salary why not start a business??? I got engaged in February 2014. My business started in April 2014. I really get satisfied when my customers give their feedback.

KYE: What barriers you had before that you broke during your entrepreneurship journey?
Every business has ups n downs. Struggle when taken as motivation will give success. In my field, the pain is in convincing the customer. Our market is an open market, even a layman can find the market value of the product required. It is with us on which product to pitch. Some sites may need regular visits until the work is completed and handed over. I started my business single-handelly with an investment of 70,000/- that my mom gave to purchase a projector & VAT Certificate for registering the name of “Projection World”. First-year I did it alone, later in 2015 started an office in Fort, Mumbai, and also hired a person for demo. Every day is learning, by 2017 I had an office in Kalyan and a service center in Vileparle. For smooth functioning, I hired employees as 1 accountant, operations, telecaller, technician, sales, and demo person. Struggle when taken as a stepping stone will give success.

KYE: What in this work gives you a feeling of accomplishment or kick?
Everyone around us feels that business is only making money. The owner can sit back n relax and the employees hired will bring money. The above statement is only possible when we have invested in training them and made them as a representative in our absence. Earlier I hardly used to invest in myself or even had a thought of bringing some processes built into scale the business. I started attending a few sessions of business entrepreneurs and took initiative in understanding their business model. Started taking business review meeting with my employees and also took their views on the improvement measures to be taken. The most important quality required in an entrepreneur is punctuality and an open mindset to LEARN

KYE: At this point what is it that is required for you to reach your business aspirations?
Even after completing 6 years in the business I still feel I need to inculcate a lot of qualities in myself and my employees. Building an effective team and to continue improving the quality output is something I need to focus on. This is a crucial time we all are facing, we can utilize this time for improving us and on building strategies for our business. We all are gonna bounce back and not let us or our employees feel unmotivated. The only thing that is important and the need of the hour is Stay Home Stay Safe

KYE: How this venture has changed you? Did you become a better human being?
My business has thought me to keep patience and to be calm. Not every day will go as we have planned and it will increase our tension and frustration. Always good to start a day with a positive note. There are times when I feel I have lost, but that is the time I surrender to the almighty and will get a solution. Have faith in God. Everything that you do, do it with your whole heart.

KYE: Your message to upcoming entrepreneurs
Start the business with a mindset of creating wealth and not a monthly income. Business entrepreneurs need a lot of dedication and hard work. Planning and Documenting your daily schedule and working according to it will save your time and will help in timely completion. It is always good to take an experience in a particular field before starting your own. It is always a good choice to be self-dependent. Wishing each one of you with success and growth in your future endeavors

Quick Pro Info:

Sector of Business: Audio-Video Technology

Name of Business: Projection World



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