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Nexalty is fully equipped to cater the future- Leander Saz





Age is Just a Number, Education is important but the willingness to adapt changes will make you successful, Said Mr. Leander Saz of Nexalty Group, The Future of Selling Dreams homes would come from the advanced way of Technology like Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, Nexalty is fully equipped to cater the future, We at KYE got a chance to Interview Mr. Leander Saz from an average College Grad to creating award-winning entrepreneurship his journey would talk nothing but success.


KYE: What is your why?
If you say why Real Estate. I have fallen in love with Real Estate to be very honest. In fact, I am a sales guy by heart. Right from my college days, I have tried to sell something for pocket money. Back then I used to sell second-hand phones, then bikes. My mom was a famous teacher. Being a teacher’s son I was never a bright student and my major weak point back then was, I used to be nervous when I used to give Interviews. So at last I never secured a proper job after my graduation. I tried my hands to sell websites and then hospital equipment. I didn’t do well even there. One fine day, I had gone to witness a project launch by a famous real estate developer at Grand Hyatt Mumbai. I fell in love with Real Estate on that particular day. It was love at First Sight I would say! There was an award show at the end of the event, and I was fascinated to see the top executives and partners receiving awards. The very next day I started learning about real estate and the very next year I had received the Outstanding Partner Award on the same stage which was one of the happiest day of my life. So hence I’m excited to wake up every new day to work on new ideas and innovation to implement in the Real Estate Industry for my clients and customers and to make the home buying process simpler.

KYE: What in this work gives you accomplishment or Kick!
See today our company Nexalty Group sells more than 200 flats a year. We have always emphasized on Affordable housing and homes starting from 20 lacs to 1 cr. Our target audience is the common man, who is buying a home for the first time and at the same time makes a good return on his/her Investment too. Just Imagine a common man wants to build his first home, and he doesn’t know-how. We help him and guide him on end to end home buying goals and fulfill his/her dreams. So I always believe in one thing, Sales is not the ultimate goal, if the client remembers you and invites you for his new house blessings, consider yourself as a winner. As you have reached and touched his heart in a very special way. That is the main accomplishment I personally feel. So hence I personally feel every individual and family should be blessed with a house of their own and create beautiful memories. Because Home Is Everything!

KYE: What Barrier you had before that you broke during your entrepreneurship journey?
Well I started my entrepreneurship journey when I was 22. There are pros and cons to it. Pros are “advice to young people especially” do something when you are young as there is nothing to lose in life when you are young. But I personally had faced a lot of barriers during my entrepreneurship journey. I had a great idea, and like every start-up, I tried my level best to secure investment or funding from Investors to take my idea and build it to realty. The truth is I never secured any angel investment as people don’t believe you when you are young. People had the sense of doubt in your idea right from Investors, customers, and Clients, will a 22-year-old young guy do something great in real estate. For almost a year or two people used to criticize my business idea and turn me down which made me sad. But personally, I believed that someday the idea will work and that is when the Digital Revolution in India took place and broke my barrier. Today 85% of my customers are online. But more than Technology, I got the opportunity to overcome the challenges is just because of few people who believed in me starting from my parents, my wife, my friends, my clients, and especially my team who made me stronger in entrepreneurship when I was weak. Back then I worked 14 to 16 hours a day. Today all the knowledge, experience, and respect I earned in the industry is just because of Pure Hard Work, Dedication, and working on your negative skills and turning them positive.

KYE: At this point what is that is required for you to reach your business aspiration?
Goals and challenges are part of the entrepreneurship journey. That is the beauty of entrepreneurship. In the current situation because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has definitely affected us, because lockdown customers could not visit our projects physically and take a decision to invest. At this point in the month of June we take the entire home buying process online, where customers can book their homes virtually and digitally. In the month of June for the very first time in my life, we managed 100+ customers showing interest to book their dream home online. I personally believe the innovation of Indian Entrepreneurs is spectacular. We Indians are good at finding a technological Jugad to overcome the challenge in any situation. Today in-home buying process Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will change the game of home buying process in real estate. I personally feel Real Estate Sales process will change, People won’t be visiting the site physically and now the home buying process will totally go online in the near future. So hence I’m always open to new innovations and change that would help me to reach my goals in the near future.

KYE: How this venture has changed you? Did you become a better human being
Personally, and Professionally in both ways, I owe everything to this venture. Personally, in my college and school days, I was the laziest child on earth. Till I graduated from my college my favorite hobby was lazying around. Today my wife, friends, and especially my mom are astonished to see me so hardworking and passionate about work. That makes me feel proud personally. Professionally over the last 10 years, I have understood the dynamics of real estate and now I clearly know the wants of the customer and how to solve the problem of clients and customers by offering them a great product with innovation and technology. I also know how to drive the team as a leader and make the teamwork towards the vision of our company. So professionally I have personally become innovative and adaptive to new change and ideas and also a better leader within my team.

KYE: Your Message to upcoming Entrepreneurs
I would personally say Age is just a number. So, if you are 21 or 60, if you want to be an entrepreneur, you definitely will be. I would say if a start-up entrepreneur wants to be successful, the first thing to adapt is to stay humble and work hard in silence. Let the noise of success talk for you. Even if you are not academically smart, I always believe it is to never stop learning and working hard. The most important quote I follow by Steve Jobs “People who Think are Crazy Enough to Change the World are the One’s who Do “

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