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Go-Girl is initiative is for the Empowerment of Women’s of our society, Said Mr. Yogesh to KYE

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An Entrepreneurship for the Empowerment of India and Women, despite of facing all the Challenge we always stood by our ground as we were aware the out come would be fruitful for us and for the women’s associated with us, We at Know Your Entrepreneurs were Privileged to Interview Mr. Yogesh Deshmukh who are into business of Manufacturing Sanitary Pads under the Brand Name “Go- Girl”, Listen to Mr. Yogesh as to how the team was able to empower over 1000 women’s across India.

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KYE: Explain about your business and why name Go Girl

Yogesh: It all started 5 years ago, my wife was suffering from personal health issue, some agency introduced us medicated products were out standing and since we were a regular buyer we found product to be very expensive and because of which normal people would not be to use it so I started studying about the product not only in India but Internationally and then we came to know the actual price is very less, so we realized this segment as an big opportunity started exploring in details and then we launched, name was always a challenge but since we want this to be a local product which can be purchased by every woman and since the business was towards female fraternity and it has to empower the women of India, so after lots of discussion internally we came to a decision that Go Girl is an apt name for our business then the incredible journey started

KYE: What is your why?

Yogesh: When we came to know the actual pricing of the product and then we realized that we as a manufacturer can offer benefits to women and the customer experiences and feedback they also urged us to do some thing for our women’s, we tied up with many women’s for the sale and purchase of this “Go-Girl” and today we have over 1000 women who are helping us to grow and we are helping them to grow financially.

KYE: What in this work gives you feeling of accomplishment or kick?

Yogesh: Would like to narrate an example with you, almost three years ago one lady in Buldana started selling our product she was also running a beauty parlor business, now after three years shes has stopped her parlor business, she only sells our product of “Go Girl” and now she has a house of her own, business is ongoing part but because of this we are able to empower women that’s the biggest kick, we also donate almost 15 – 20 k of sanitary pads to required women and the happiness that we get because of them is absolutely limitless, so business along with social cause both happens simultaneously and yes that’s our biggest kick.

KYE: What barriers you had before that you broke during your entrepreneurship journey?

Yogesh: Challenges were always a part of business, In order to reduce the cost (That’s was the main motto behind this set up) we either has to buy in extreme bulk quantities or heavy machineries to bring the production cost down to our expectation, then I approached my friend and partner Mr Neeraj Singhal, then we ventured together we both used our networks and the success speaks for it self, I can say proudly that In bulk quantity of sanitary pads we are amongst top 10 suppliers.

KYE: At this point what is it that is required for you to reach to your business aspirations?

Yogesh: You need madness, Its only hard work there is no short cut, if some one feels that by doing only 8 hrs they would be able to achieve the desired success in life that is absolutely not possible, apart from this venture I am also a business consultant and trainer, many people they come to me with money and ask very stupid question likes I have this much amount of money let me know by when my business would get settled, Its not only money you need to put efforts you need to put time you need to create network and yes we have some how achieved the 1st part and with the madness with us to reach our goal I feel we must definitely reach our destination very soon.

KYE: We have heard that you are working closely with Bhopal Government can you explain in detail as to what exactly you are doing on the same.

Yogesh: Our HO is based of Bhopal, We came to know through government that there are various lower class families and many female passengers who  are travelling by train on journey back to their home town they are facing financial issues and acute shortage of female hygiene products, so various business communities came came forward some group donated food some water some donated money, but we realized that no body is donating sanitary pads and eventually that’s what is our forte, so we spoke to We spoke to Bhopal municipal corporation commissioner Mr B Vijay Datta and UNICEF India’s Bhopal’s leading officer Mr Sanjay Singh and supported…the people of Bhopal who were either leaving for their home town or leaving in slums we distributed more then Thirty Thousand Free Sanitary Pads till now and that’s an on going process and we are very proud of this association.

KYE: How this venture has changed you?

Yogesh: It has changed my personality in front of people a lot, they believe more in me and go Girl, Gradually people has started our organization as there helping buddy we are trying to make female independent, we help people and they help us.

KYE: What would be you message to Up Coming Entrepreneurs?

Yogesh:I would like say some thing which may found difficult to digest, every body thinks we can start a start up and they would get success immediately second they feel that they know everything about the product or service which they offer, they moment they start getting deep in to it they realise there are to many competitors, so my suggestion to start up would be very simple, you have to study and update on daily basis about your self and about your competitors that’s the key to success .

We came to know that you did great work during covid situation would like to more about it.

Yogesh: We came to know that our suppliers has started donation and our female representatives has started reaching out to them to orders, so coming from the background of “Atma Nirbhar” Bharat we have received enough of enquiries from women who wants to get associated with us for generating revenue for them self and for there families.

Quick Pro Life:

Name of the founder: Yogesh Deshmukh, Neeraj Singhal



Phone(s):. 8600000024, 9425004469 

Address: Pune, Bhopal.

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