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Creating spaces with its unique indentity with MCAPS Global Ltd.

MCAPS GLOBAL LTD is a London Based company famously known for its work in Architectural and Interior Designs. Winner of Best Houzz Awards for 3 consecutive years. KYE got a chance to interview Mayura Chandekar, director of Macaps Global Ltd under KYEReads.

KYE: What is your why?

Mayura: Contributing to society and making a difference that is positive, via my professional work. How can I do it?- I want to transform spaces, design homes and offices -connecting them to nature outside bringing in natural light & ventilation- I believe good spaces have capacity to make a difference to people’s lives, capacity to improve lifestyle and working efficiency.

Also, I want to spread awareness that design or designer things aren’t just for those who have the spending capacity. If you choose to do it and do it right, designed spaces can transform lives within small budgets.

KYE: What in this work gives you a feeling of accomplishment or kick?

Mayura: Problem-solving, unleashing the potential of a property, I love to work on problem properties and design them to meet client’s requirements. You should see the reactions on our client’s faces. They cannot believe what they can make of their properties.

And of course, seeing our projects completed- its like seeing your baby grow -it gives me immense happiness, feeling of accomplishment.

KYE: What barriers you had before that you broke during your entrepreneurship journey?

Mayura: As applicable to any professional or entrepreneur building a career- You need to build knowledge, you need to have contacts, build a team, get out of your comfort zone and reach out to people /network.

Especially, if you don’t come from the place where you are building your business, it takes time.

Then there are other aspects like taking the qualification exams, which was another challenge that I had to overcome.

KYE: At this point what is it that is required for you to reach to your business aspirations?

Mayura: As mentioned previously, Design being subjective, generally people are reluctant to employ designers, as they think it is unnecessary to spend on such services.

The biggest challenge to make people aware of the importance of good design, for which we conduct free masterclasses & webinars. It’s the change in mindset that is very necessary.

Also, with so much technology out there, the next big step we are looking to achieve is to move towards Virtual reality, to give a better understanding of our designs to the Clients, even before its built.

KYE: How this venture has changed you? Did you become a better human being?

Mayura: One thing the profession requires is for one to be a very good listener. As a designer the tendency to get lost in the world of pretty pictures, iconic design and aspirations, that may not quite be what the user wants or is outside budget. One change I see in myself is it has made me a better listener. It is about finding the mid-point between good design & client expectations.

KYE: Your message to upcoming entrepreneurs

Mayura: As one starts his/her career straight after college or university, the tendency is to dream big & to always get something better. I am not suggesting to not have those aspirations, absolutely dream big. But value the experience you are getting as the junior-most member of the team, learn from all those who are interested to teach, as at this point what you learn has a huge contribution in the long run.

Other than that, do not doubt yourself, do not stop, do not look back, keep going, AS ONCE SAID BY STEVE JOBS- STAY HUNGRY STAY FOOLISH

Quick Pro Info:


Phone(s): 07800652090

Address: London

Sector: Architectural and Interior Designer

Age of Business: 12 Years

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