Deepali Nakhare, “Interior for me would always be a passion rather than a profession”

In the current situation of lockdown due to Covid-19, everyone would agree, offices have to adopt WHO guidelines. Living within such guidelines would be new normal to ensure safety. So why not revamp your office from experts 7th Heaven Interior. We, KYE interviewed the business owner of 7th Heaven Interior designing studio, Deepali Nakhare to get more details about interior design under KYETalks platform.

KYE: What is your why?

Deepali: My why is why not, being a free spirit it was very difficult to do 9 to 6 jobs with monotonous work. I felt my creativity is not getting proper appreciation under other’s names. Also, the industry has lots of opportunities for creative people. So that’s why I started firm 7th Heaven Interiors on my own.

KYE: What is your satisfaction / success?

Deepali: Interior Industry is a multi-tasking level industry, especially you are doing turnkey projects. as we know women are multitasking and productive so that was the benefit for me. Giving an out of the box designs to my clients within the same budget & time is very satisfying. Although every finished project is a success, the hunger for success is much bigger.

KYE: What is barriers you had before that you broke during your Entrepreneurship journey?

Deepali: No business background was the biggest barrier, I was like a blind cat running here and there. I was a good designer but without business skills. So I started reading books, was listing other entrepreneur success stories. also took advice from other entrepreneurs & in the end, your own experiences are the finest teacher & guide.

KYE: At this point what is required for you to reach to your business aspiration?

Deepali: At this point, the industry is changing drastically, the client’s demands are very divergent, so I really want to change the perception towards the interior designing industry according to social distancing & I want to launch a few new terms of designing.

KYE: How this venture has changed you? better human being?

Deepali: 7th Heaven is the biggest part of my life. My day starts with 7th Heaven’s thought and without replying to my emails I can’t sleep. Outspoken and bold personality I got from my business. If u ask about to be a better person, I think in our childhood we were a much better person then now. But I always try to be grounded & humble with labors from the industry.

KYE: Your massage to upcoming Entrepreneur?

Deepali: My Fair massage to upcoming entrepreneur, take proper experience & learning then start your firm, half knowledge is like a ” sword in monkey’s hand “.

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