Our Vision

To encourage and inspire citizens with idea and courage to break the barriers of 9 to 5 and live up to their potential

Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive platform for budding entrepreneurs to get visibility in the international market, to get energy boost through knowledge sharing, business networking and finally step-up the business


There are two types of people: 1. Tea or Coffee 2. Cats or Dogs 3. 9-to-5 employees or Entrepreneurs. There is nothing right or wrong in any choices, it is just about the aptitude and temperament of an individual.

9-to-5 is respectable huge work force which is required irrespective of any sector of industry or business. However, somehow it is a taboo to some extent if someone tries to leave stable job and start his/her own business. Peer pressure from family, society, false notions of stability, lack of finances, lack of knowledge for how to convert an idea to a business model and so on, there is a long list of obstacles for Entrepreneurs or potential Entrepreneurs.

This prompted the concept of KYE, Know Your Entrepreneur, with hope and belief that it will encourage the potential Entrepreneurs to break the barriers of 9-to-5 and assist the existing Entrepreneurs to take their business to newer heights. KYE for Entrepreneurs: We have LEC model for you.

Our Team

Geetika Shrivastava
Dr. Anuja Rahalkar
Founder & Strategist
Ankit Shrivastav

Business Development-Alliance Expert

Trupta Kaulgud

KYE Host

Sonal Ambekar

Project Manager, KYE Host

Bhagyashree Dhumal

Sales Manager